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Valuing your people, and ensuring that your workforce is representative of the markets in which you operate, creating authentic engagement with diverse and underrepresented groups, and understanding the unique challenges they face, not only strengthens your organizational culture, but your bottom line!


Our Services

Collectivity is a group of individuals bringing diverse experiences and perspectives together, offering diversity and inclusion training regarding the gender and sexually diverse (GSD) community. We specialize in the service sector; however, are also happy to discuss training opportunities for other individuals and organizations who are interested in developing a better understanding of both the strategic and ethical benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Our training workshops are tailored to meet the needs and timelines of each client, and are experiential in design. We are focused on building authentic, open, safe and creative spaces to support and enhance your organizational culture, while providing the skills necessary to better support the communities in which you operate.

"DIVERSITY is being asked to the party. INCLUSION is being asked to dance."

Vern√£ Myers

Our Clients

The lunch and learn was fantastic. Jason went through Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) Training. We did some activities to learn more about GSD terminology such as the differences and definitions of being trans vs. transgender vs. cisgender. The conversations were very intimate due to the small group but it allowed us to have easy and comfortable candid conversations.

Stephanie Chung

Operations Coordinator | Western Canada, UBER


Canadian GSD household incomes above the national average, which fuels their high level of disposable income

Ivey Business Review, 2011

Annual spend by the national GSD travel market in Canada

Protean Strategies, 2014


11% of business leverage the diverse backgrounds of individuals to drive value and business results

Bersin by Deloitte, 2014

The Facilitator

Jason A. Kingsley BCom, CFEE

Jason A. Kingsley BCom, CFEE

Chief Educator & Founder

Jason A. Kingsley, BCom, CFEE is an educator and facilitator, event professional, and human rights advocate with over 15 years’ experience, who is passionate about authentic experiences, diversity and inclusion. He works as the Program Lead, Event Management for Bow Valley College, is the President and Executive Producer of Calgary Pride and Regional Director, Prairie Region for Fierte Canada Pride. Jason was recently the Vice President of Travel Gay Canada, and worked on the organizations two-year strategic federal initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Destination Canada to develop destination readiness for an international GSD market.

Jason holds a Certified Festival and Event Executive (CFEE) designation, has a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, and is currently pursing graduate studies in Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice to both further build professional knowledge and expertise, and to encourage leadership, in equity and diversity education.

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